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Champagne 2008

Article by: Sandy Block, MW - It should come as no shock that in the throes of an unprecedented global economic meltdown the US market for sparkling wine this year is about as moribund as it’s been in recent memory.Champagne has experienced its worst year since the post-Millenium hangover of 2OO1 and before the holiday season is over current sales figures might actually make marketers envious of even the results they experienced during that drastic downturn. [...] Read More »


Article by: Jonathon Alsop - It’s as easy as ABC...You don’t have to be an economist to predict that the holiday season of 2OO8 is going to go down in history as a period of aerobic bargain hunting.  But as we approach New Year’s Eve wine lovers have a choice to make: buy up-market bubbly with that once-a-year mentality and a handy credit card?  Or drown your financial sorrows in affordable non-Champagne sparklers you can pay cash for?  As [...] Read More »

Profile: Sergio Mionetto

Article by: Fred Bouchard - SERGIO MIONETTO • 7O • Owner/Vintner • Mionetto Prosecco • Valdobbiadene ItalyMaster vintner and connoisseur Mionetto personally presides over his family’s sizeable winery, producers of Prosecco since 1887.  The forthright, fiery septuagenarian eagle-eyes every step of the process – from harvest to bottling – to ensure quality standards that earn his wines international recognition and awards.  The picturesque Prosecco zone, lying 6O miles north of Venice by the small cities of Conegliano [...] Read More »

Truro Vineyards

Article by: Fred Bouchard - Flashback . . . It’s midsummer tourists line up outside the well-stocked gift shop at Truro Vineyards, and Dave Roberts is at the ready.  He squires people – with alacrity, a glad hand and a wide smile – outdoors to the tasting tent, where cheerful well-informed staffers guide consumers through their choice of five sips out of ten. Roberts, an affably expansive guy with a voice that carries, is [...] Read More »

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