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Single Malt Whisky

Article by: Lew Bryson - While one brand of blended Scotch sells more than all single malt brands put together, and the category is dwarfed by vodka sales, single malts have led the way on ‘premiumization’, the marketing realization that consumers will pay more for a product with a better flavor, a better package, a better story.  They led brown goods out of the wilderness, stopping a long slow decline in most segments of the greater whisky category.  That’s led [...] Read More »

The Blends

Article by: Gregg Glaser - “In the top tier of blended Scotch, it’s all price driven,”said Ryan Maloney of Julio’s Liquors in Westborough.“In the second tier, customers are switching to cost-friendly brands.”Maloney echoed the statements of retailers across the state. “The same brands are selling the same as always,”said Phil LeBlanc of Table & Vine in West Springfield.But there’s been a sea of change in the lower-priced second tierof [...] Read More »

2009 Gift Guide

Article by: Liza Weisstuch - The season of perpetual celebrations is finally upon us, which means chances are high that you’ll be seeing more and more unfamiliar faces appearing in your store.  Whether they’re hosting a party or attending a friend’s, you’ll soon have lots of opportunities to interact with clients as they are soliciting recommendations: “Can you suggest a single malt for a bourbon lover who wants to learn more about Scotch?” “Cava or Prosecco?”  “Which Burgundy is [...] Read More »

Monterey County

Article by: Bill Nesto, MW - Although Franciscan missionaries in the 17OOs found what is known today as Monterey County to be ideal for viticulture, it was only in the 196Os that the US wine industry seriously entered the area. Urban sprawl increasingly forced wine producers to look further and further south of San Francisco for plantable areas. In 196O, Professor AJ Winkler of University of California at Davis gave the green light. Using his Degree-Day system of measuring climates by [...] Read More »

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