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Article by: Sandy Block, MW - As those of us who are professionally involved in wine clearly understand, our business is in a state of constant evolution.  What’s “in” and what’s “out” never remains stagnant.  Part of the industry’s appeal is the fact that there always seem to be emerging regions, that previously obscure grape varieties or new vintages are available to discover.  It’s the nature of the contemporary wine scene and it’s inescapable: the attraction of categories that have strong [...] Read More »


Article by: Bill Nesto, MW - Here in the USA, where Italian wine imports are first in volume and second in value (after France), Franciacorta is less than sparkling in its performance. The finest Italian restaurants commonly offer Champagne and US sparkling wines and increasingly recognize Prosecco as a value alternative. Franciacorta however is rarely found. Italians themselves are sophisticated consumers of quality sparkling wine. They are Champagne’s fourth most important export market. They recognize Franciacorta’s preeminence in the Italian sparkling [...] Read More »

Bin Ends

Article by: Liza Weisstuch - One of the first things you notice upon entering Bin Ends, a liquor store in a mixed-use complex in Braintree, is that there’s not a wine rack in sight. For a store that regularly counts about 45O wine labels in its inventory – not to mention an abundant stock of craft beers and a well-curated collection of artisanal spirits – that might seem out of the ordinary. But then, Bin Ends is no ordinary store. [...] Read More »

Zaca Mesa

Article by: Harvey Finkel - Although the American Indian word zaca means “restful place”, it appears that Zaca Mesa Winery in Los Olivos, California, founded in 1972, entered a blessedly restful phase only a few years ago.It’s original owners, a group of investors led by oilman Louis Ream, gave way in 1986 to the family of John Cushman, a commercial realtor. Its original conventional array of varieties, planted initially in 1973, gave way to Rhône varieties, plus chardonnay, [...] Read More »

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