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Article by: Liza Weisstuch - It’s easy for veteran retailers or bar managersto be blindsided by the Next Hot Thing.  To wit: it’d have been impossible to foretell that an elderflower liqueur would take the market by storm, let alone stay on consumers’ radars years after it launched; meantime, brands that spiked in sales when a celebrity stepped to the fore as a spokesperson slip into the distance when the media blitz simmers down.  The past year has seen [...] Read More »


Article by: Aimsel Ponti - Organic spirits and those made using green production practices continue their transition into the mainstream as consumers put a higher value not only on taste but on the increasingly important issue of sustainability and environmental impact. Conversations with local retailers, regional and national brands all speak to raising the bar of awareness while also extolling the virtues of a better tasting product.BLUE ICE ORGANIC WHEAT VODKAWe’ll begin in Rigby, Idaho, at [...] Read More »


Article by: Liza Weisstuch - Some people in the food and drink world gain recognition for being proficient at detecting a trend long before it’s identified in the mainstream, and keeping it fresh and relevant with style and artistry. Others establish an identity by creating a niche for themselves where there’s long been a gaping hole. Lauren Clark has turned herself into a respected brand by doing both simultaneously. On her website,, Clark eschews the self-indulgent, highly opinionated ramblings [...] Read More »

Giordano’s on Martha’s Vineyard

Article by: Fred Bouchard - GIO’SGOING LIKE EIGHTY ON THE VINEYARDA traditional Italo-American restaurant taps its fifth generation.Wine and food rites go back 3OOO years – even longer – around the Mediterranean. When Italians and Greeks came to the new world, traditions of vine and table remained a binding force, and a source of comfort to themselves and others. Yet it’s increasingly rare to find family-run establishments that continue the vertiginous path to a centennial. Giordano’s on [...] Read More »

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