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2013 Trends

Article by: Brandy Rand -  WE’VE asked and they’ve answered.Are craft brands taking over?  Is everything going to end up on tap?  From what they wish would go away, to what they’re most excited about, think of this as your cheat sheet to trends.  We uncover what’s hot and what’s not in beer, wine and spirits for 2O13 from a broad range of industry professionals at 13 Boston area bars [...] Read More »

Endangered Cocktail Of The Month – THE CHARLIE’S BEACON

Article by: Pink Lady - We LUPEC ladies like old things:Vintage hairdos, classic cars and of course endangered cocktails.  It is this penchant for the past that made us particularly delighted to develop a cocktail for a recent event at the Gibson House Museum.  The Gibson House is essentially a Victorian time capsule right in the heart of Back Bay.  It’s an unspoiled single-family residence that was once home to the well-to-do Gibson family who first moved [...] Read More »

Georges Duboeuf

Article by: Harvey Finkel - Georges Duboeuf, “le roi du Beaujolais”, paid a visit bearing samples of his latest array of wines, the esteemed 2O11 vintage, and to celebrate with William Deutsch the 3O years that Deutsch Family Wine & Spirits has been Duboeuf’s US importer.Duboeuf has carved a remarkable career. Born in 1933 to a family of Pouilly-Fuissé small vignerons, his name has become synonymous with Beaujolais. Les Vins Georges Duboeuf, now run by Georges and his [...] Read More »


Article by: Lew Bryson - Big imported beers had a few rough years adjusting to the surge of craft beer (which continues, of course), a harshly reset economy and consumers who seemed to be re-evaluating what they wanted from a beer.  Did they want a badge, or a new flavor, or a prestige buy, or an experience . . . or did they just want a cold, tasty, refreshing drink?Heineken USA has a portfolio that took a heavy blow [...] Read More »

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