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Massachusetts Beverage Business



Article by: Fred Bouchard - LEN PRESUTTICorporate Wine EducatorMartignetti Companies, NorwoodSOME GUYS keep up their careers going full steam ahead – sixty-year-old Len Presutti is one of them, combining youthful vigor, extreme work ethic, jazz fervor, devotion to cooking and baking, and burning passions for the table and grape.  Now in his 25th year working for and with Carmine and Carl Martignetti, Len has earned teaching certifications from the Society of Wine Educators from Bordeaux, Spain [...] Read More »


Article by: Pink Lady - RED WINE + COKE.  YES, WE’RE SERIOUS.Having logged many hours behind the stick at Boston’s popular Spanish tapas joint Toro, I can tell you from experience: Americans love to drink sangria while they sample small plates.  And as anyone who knows anything about Spain will tell you, that’s not what the locals people drink when they’re doing the same.  More popular among the Iberians is a drink called “Calimocho”, a refreshing blend of red [...] Read More »

Tuscan Estates

Article by: Harvey Finkel - Four generations and counting. Four Tuscan estates and extraterritorial sources. Seven hectares at creation; now producing 8OO,OOO cases exported to 72 countries. Circles within circles.Angiolo Piccini and his wife Maria Teresa Totti of Poggibonsi established the Piccini estate (then very much lower case) of seven hectares in 1882. They gradually increased their holdings and became respected in the region for straw-covered fiasci of Chianti. Their son Mario took over the firm in 1925. [...] Read More »


As February 14th approaches, Champagne and sparkling wine sales will undoubtedly skyrocket.  Why not get creative and offer a few innovative libations?  From the seductively sweet to the cool and crisp, these cocktails will get everyone’s hearts beating faster! ST-GERMAIN COCKTAIL2 ounces of sparkling wine2 ounces of club soda1½ ounces of St-Germain LiqueurBuild over ice in a Collins glass and stir. Garnish with a twist.SWEET DREAMS [...] Read More »

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