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Article by: LIZA WEISSTUCH - While the spring break party image will never entirely vanish and the margarita will probably remain the country’s most popular mixed drink, the last few years have seen tequila’s image mature from one inseparable from the rambunctious frat kid to one more fitting of a dapper bon vivant. You can chalk it up to the widespread pursuit of the ultra-premium and the exotic, to the well-heeled consumers’ sport of staying [...] Read More »

A Rarest Vintage Reserve

Article by: Fred Bouchard - Jameson Rarest Vintage Reserve is its rarest and oldest – averaging 21 years – Irish Whiskey. The blue-labeled 75Oml top-of-the-line whiskey comes impressively packaged in a weighty oak case and slip sleeve, and there are just 1OOO bottles for all of North America. Jameson launched the Rarest Vintage Reserve (RVR, my abbreviation) at their headquarters at the Old Midleton Distillery in County Cork last December to great tantara. The four Jameson [...] Read More »

Spring Cleaning

Article by: DAVID SINGER - It’s spring, at last. Time to deep-clean our homes, our lives and our cellars.  It’s the time of the year to look at our inventories and see what hasn’t moved since the Truman Administration.Yes, I’m referring to that case or odd bottle of fermented beverage that someone thought was a brilliant idea to bring in (and may very well have been) only to languish in anonymity for perpetuity. Usually it’s one [...] Read More »

Petite Sirah

Article by: SANDY BLOCK, MW - And it’s not remotely Syrah either, although there is a genetic relation. So right off the bat the name throws most people off the trail as to the kind of wine it makes. But the grape, which used to be considered just cheap “workhorse” blending material, better suited for beefing up other reds rather than standing alone, has emerged from the shadows. To the extent that now there is a California marketing organization, [...] Read More »

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