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Bag of Tricks

Article by: Liza Weisstuch - During the holiday season, the person who rushes through your door and grabs a bottle of wine off the rack is in a hurry to get to the next stop where he or she can buy stocking stuffers and presents.  Time is a precious commodity, and every salesperson knows the importance of adding value to a purchase.  Customers will certainly appreciate saving time.  This busy season is a prime opportunity to add to your impulse-purchase [...] Read More »

The Side Car

Article by: Pink Lady - The Sidecar was a gateway cocktail for many of us LUPEC Boston gals, a drink not unlike the Manhattan that is curiously still kicking in modern bars, despite its vintage roots. Many will claim the Sidecar was invented in France in the 192Os at Harry’s New York Bar in Paris.  In one charming story, the bartender whipped this up to quench the thirst of a US army captain, a regular who traveled to and from [...] Read More »

Blanchard's Liquors Mike Gilly Profiled

Article by: Fred Bouchard - MIKE GILLY 48Wine Buyer • Blanchard’s Liquors, MAMike Gilly opens the door of Blanchard’s Liquors in Jamaica Plain and steps into the sunshine, carrying a case of Ostatu Viura.  Rick Dunfey awaits with his back hatch open, and Mike slides it into the trunk.  Rick, who publishes red sox yearbook and a golf magazine, has a preference for Riojas and Chiantis; he says Blanchard’s is his go-to store and Mike’s the man [...] Read More »

WHO Done It

Article by: Harvey Finkel, MD - The World Health Organization (WHO) is famous both for monumental good works and for embarrassingly shoddy judgment when allowing politics to enter its activities. WHO’s just-published global status report on alcohol and health is not one of the former.It is more than abundantly clear, from clinical observations, epidemiologic studies and controlled research, that light to moderate drinking promotes health and prolongs life of most individuals, compared to abstainers, and that excessive drinking, especially [...] Read More »

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