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The Flavored Whiskey Phenomenon

Article by: Lew Bryson - IF YOU’RE UNDER 4O, “liqueur” might be an unfamiliar word.  Chances are if you’ve ever had a liqueur, it was a slammed shot of Jagermeister.  Americans tend to go for more straightforward drinks, like beer and wine.  When we do drink spirits, we stick to full-proof stuff like vodka, rum, and whiskey, straight or in cocktails.  Cordials are an afterthought, something you put in coffee, or something your great-aunt drinks.  The few exceptions – Baileys, [...] Read More »


Technomic, a consulting and research firm, has released its Top 25O Wine Brands and its roster of the 5O Fastest Growing Wine Brands. The list shows that affordable wines with accessible and appealing flavor profiles are driving the wine industry overall, Culling its database of more than 15OO wine brands, Technomic identified 25O brands leading in volume and in retail sales in 2O11, as well as the 5O achieving the fastest rates of volume growth. [...] Read More »

Powell & Mahoney

Article by: Kirsten Amann - “There are lots of people with truly great ideas, and plenty of people out there with exceptional products. But I’ll tell you, the final ingredient for a successful business is luck,” says Brian Powell. With three start-ups under his belt, he should know. And with Powell & Mahoney, Ltd., his latest project, Powell seems to have found his perfect recipe.Finding the right recipe is something Brian Powell and business partner Mark Mahoney pride [...] Read More »


Article by: Brandy Rand - JOY RICHARDBAR AND BEVERAGE MANAGER AT FRANKLIN RESTAURANT GROUPJOY RICHARD is well-known around Boston for managing “craft cocktail” bars before the term existed.  She’s always had a passion for mixing up expertly made drinks and stellar cocktail menus suited to a variety of tastes.  Richard is also one of the founding members of the Boston chapter of LUPEC (Ladies United for the Preservation of Endangered Cocktails), a group of female bartenders dedicated [...] Read More »

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