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Blended Scotch Whiskies

Article by: Gregg Glaser - They’re a big category for us,”said Gary Park of Gary’s Liquors in Chestnut Hill. Across Massachusetts, foreign-bottled Scotch blends sold 321,43O nine-liter cases in 2OO7, making the state number seven in the US for sales of these blends (adams liquor handbook stats). However, the category is really pretty much flat. In Massachusetts, these numbers are only up O.6 percent from 2OO6. Nationally, foreign-bottled Scotch blends sold 5,466,OOO nine-liter cases in 2OO7, up only O.7 [...] Read More »

Single Malts

Article by: Liza Weisstuch - Curiosity is up, more Scotch brands have deployed brand ambassadors to host events, and mainstream and high-end publications seem to be covering rare releases more than ever. But the dollar is down on the global market, and people are skittish about spending, to say the least. Plus some are worried that the surge in single malts’ popularity in the East is increasingly impacting the available supply in the States. But talk to retailers and [...] Read More »

Concha y Toro

Article by: Harvey Finkel - Odd name Concha y Toro. It comes from the founder, Don Melchor de Concha y Toro (1834-1892), Chilean businessman, politician, and academic at the law school of the Universidad de Chile. With the help of the vineyard, brought to the marriage by his wife, Doña Emiliana Subercaseux y Vicuña, he founded the company in 1883, importing vines and an enologist from Bordeaux.Concha y Toro (CyT) is now a giant, by far the largest wine [...] Read More »

Then There's Julio's

Article by: Liza Weisstuch - In fact, some might say that the Westborough shop is enough of an interactive experience with such a broad international scope that it warrants comparisons to Epcot Center for northern epicureans. There are over a thousand beers at which to marvel and towards the back you’ll find the Angel Share, a wine tasting pavilion with eight wines being dispensed through a special European tap system – the wine selection s on the first Tuesday of [...] Read More »

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