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Revisiting South America's Wines

Article by: BILL NESTO, MW - Though value wines, under $1O a bottle, remain the essential hook for the US consumer, there are wines costing $5O or more, such as Almaviva, Clos Apalta and Lota from Chile and Caro from Argentina, as [...] Read More »

Cal's Zins

Article by: SANDY BLOCK, MW - This is the big red that you can open up and drink without having to worry about whether it's "ready" or not. It provides direct sensual pleasure that is usually not cloaked behind barricades of tannin. [...] Read More »

Packaging, thinking outside the bottle

Article by: KEN STERNBERG - Three-liter boxes have been used for packaging good quality wines in Europe, Australia and elsewhere for many years, and consumers there rarely attach a stigma of cheap, unpalatable wine to such packages. These contain the equivalent [...] Read More »

Drinking Women

Article by: Harvey Finkel, MD - We shall herein survey recent research in this field as it relates to women, particularly women who drink moderately. (It is a given that immoderately heavy drinking is very harmful to all.) [...] Read More »

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