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Buy Local

Article by: Harvey Finkel, MD - Eating and drinking the products of one’s own region is an emerging and burgeoning movement across the country. It is also a healthy notion, for knowing the source of what we consume must lead to more intelligent, tasty and wholesome purchasing by consumers and the production of higher quality products.All this fits right in with the aims of our local wineries in New England. On February 28, the year-old Massachusetts Farm Wineries and Growers Association [...] Read More »

Boston Wine School

Article by: Chris Lyons - A little over a year ago, wine journalist/consultant and 2O-plus year industry veteran Jonathon Alsop founded Boston’s first-ever wine school (called, fittingly, the Boston Wine School), which he defines as a “snob free zone” for curious consumers and enthusiastic aficionados who want to boost their knowledge by attending casual, fun and food-filled classes. The school’s core value is: one learns about wine by tasting it intelligently. Alsop claims that the #1 complaint reported by his [...] Read More »


Article by: Harvey Finkel, MD - The scientific process is the opposite of dogma. Continual reexamination and correction are expected, desired. Restudying questions by other hands often refines, improves precision, but seldom leads to upheaval of what are accepted as basic general truths. We shall herein consider three recent examples of medical science corrigenda. They might at first glance seem to constitute “18Os” but upon closer examination they really deepen our understanding by exploration of particular facets of the issues under [...] Read More »

Publick House

Article by: Fred Bouchard - But he does like -make that ‘love’-high quality, super-fresh craft brews. That passion has driven him to short-list only what he (and his hand-picked staff) deem the finest and freshest of craft brews. That craving for the fresh taste of hops and malt makes him chuck the contents of any draught that’s been on-line after seven days. [Not thrown out, finished!] Even heady items like Kasteel Tripel and Pauwel Kwak that sell for $8 [...] Read More »

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