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Chris Douglass

Article by: Liza Weisstuch - Wine dinners are a dime a dozen and when pressed, most restaurateurs will tell you they’re hardly an easy sell. It’s not just the abundance of them that diners can often find on any given weeknight, it’s pulling off the affair at a cost that’s both consumer-friendly and fiscally sound for one’s business; it’s making sure you have a few extra perks to offer so patrons will be enticed (if not excited) to stay when [...] Read More »

Silent Selloff: Ninety Plus Cellars

Article by: Fred Bouchard - WINE MARKETING IN PINCH TIME SILENT SELLOFFSLatitude Beverage Company has scored nicely with Ku Dé Ta.Now Kevin Mehra is quietly talking up Ninety Plus Cellars.First the plains then the moat now Kevin Mehra is ready to scale the walls of the wine castle. Sipping Starbucks on the Needham strip, he’s excited and talking a mile a minute. Mehra sees his sales concept at Latitude Beverage Company as filling a much-needed [...] Read More »

Wyndham Estate's Shiraz

Article by: Harvey Finkel - Syrah or shiraz as it’s called in Australia and some elsewheres, is bursting its erstwhile boundaries, and emerging all over the world’s wine scene. It remains, however, a dominant grape only in southern France and in Australia. Since I’ll be focusing on Australia today in response to a visit from Tony Hooper, Wyndham Estate’s lead winemaker, let’s say “shiraz”, but not call the whole thing off.I doubt the grape will take offense. It [...] Read More »

Sauvignon Blanc

Article by: Sandy Block, MW - . . . the point is that the Marlborough style . . . now appearsto set the standard by which the market measures virtuallyall Sauvignon Blanc.  Sauvignon Blanc’s reversal of fortune from shunned outcast to darling of the American dinner table owes everything to a style that emerged full blown in Marlborough New Zealand during the early 199Os. Before that period the predominant California expression of the grape often tasted mean, [...] Read More »

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