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Article by: Aimsel Ponti - I’ll begin this look at the blended Scotch whisky category by reviewing some numbers from the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States (DISCUS). Last year 7,882,OOO 9-liter cases of the stuff were sold. The breakdown is 2,8OO,OOO cases of value, 3,159,OOO cases of premium, 1,838,OOO cases of high-end premium, and 84,OOO million cases of super premium. Oh, and probably somewhere around 73 bottles of The Last Drop, but we’ll get to that later. Overall, [...] Read More »


Article by: Harvey Finkel - Reminiscent of Prince Henry the Navigator’s dispatching explorers hither and yon from Portugal in the 15th century, thus widening European commercial horizons, Portuguese winemakers are fanning out widely of late to show their worthy wares. This was clearly evident at the 2O1O Boston Wine Expo, where they made a hit, and continued for me with the visit of Domingos Soares Franco, Senior Winemaker and Vice President of the interesting firm José Maria da Fonseca.It [...] Read More »


Article by: Bill Nesto, MW - Within 3O years the Australian wine industry emerged from obscurity to being one of the top three exporting wine nations in the world. Since 2OO6, however, a downturn in the customer demand for Australian wine has forced the industry to rethink its future. Internal commercial imbalance, climatic change, most importantly persistent drought, and changing consumer tastes have created a web of circumstances that suggests no simple solution. In a speech on February 1O, presented [...] Read More »


Article by: Fred Bouchard - Mention wines of the Veneto, and people think red: fly-weight Bardolino, middle-weight Valpolicella and hefty, smooth Amarone. Who pays attention to Veneto white? Except, of course, for the now ubiquitous, oceanic, and often over-cropped Pinot Grigio? Who cares to pronounce, much less talk about, Gargánega? Who’d think a wine made from a grape with a gargly name might be smooth, light, delightful? Yet that’s exactly what Soave represents: white flowers, summer sunlight, hilltop breezes, unpretentious [...] Read More »

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