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Malt Bombs

Article by: Lew Bryson - My brother-in-law Curt is a chef, and I love hanging out around the table with him.  He’s nuts about truffles, hates factory-farm chicken, loves fresh-picked fruit.  He’s fearless about what he’ll try, but he’s just as fearless in stating what he doesn’t like. One of the things he doesn’t like . . . is hops.  Likes beer, loves beer: his fridge is filled with Brooklyn Local 1, Celebrator doublebock, Southern Tier porter (for [...] Read More »

Endangered Cocktails: The Widows Kiss

Article by: Pink Lady - COCKTALE The obscure cordial and liqueur bottles interspersed among the familiar spirits that line the back bar may be easily overlooked by most bar guests, but LUPEC Boston finds few bottles so intriguing.  Often steeped in history and tradition, many of these strange potions play an important supporting role in delicious pre-Prohibition-era classics.  Yellow Chartreuse and Benedictine are perfect examples, and both feature prominently in The Widow’s Kiss. Invented by George J. Kappeler [...] Read More »

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