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Isreal's Dalton Winery

Article by: Harvey Finkel, MD - Dalton hardly seems a likely name for an Israeli winery, but, accent on the second syllable, it is the place – Ramat (“heights”) Dalton – where lies the winery in the mountainous Upper Galilee near the Lebanese border. It is a respected member of the new wave, the Israeli wine revolution, an upheaval of quality during the last 2O years resulting from the revelation that vines planted in cool uplands would yield finer wines [...] Read More »

Weathering This Economic Storm

Article by: David Singer - A recent wall street journal article noted some possibly alarming content about the economy in the coming years. The article was titled “Stocks Tarnished by Lost Decade”. According to the article, stocks have traditionally been one of the best investments. Conventional wisdom, according to the article, has been to invest in a broad range of stocks and hold on to them. However, this has not been the case in the [...] Read More »

Here's To The Brewers Association

Article by: Andy Crouch - What a difference a decade makes.For craft brewers, the not-so-distant past signified a time when many would-be entrepreneurs wondered about whether their new businesses would survive.  America’s initial flirtations with the colorful new characters on the beer scene quickly soured and things looked dire.  Fast forward ten years and craft beers have become one of the top stories in the beverage alcohol business and earned a continuing place on your [...] Read More »

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