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White Wine and Health

Article by: Harvey Finkel, MD - “What” you say, “isn’t it red wine that’s healthy?”“Probably a vinomedical boondoggle,” you think.Well, let’s not forget that although white wines in general contain far lesser quantities of the vaunted polphenolic antioxidants than do reds, they contain more than most other potables, and their alcohol likely provides at least half of the health benefits derived from moderate drinking.I recall very few scientific studies in the past touting the [...] Read More »


Article by: Andy Crouch - Dropping the banner on its twenty-seventh year . . .the annual Great American Beer Festival celebrated another eventful run in Denver. The festival again gave attendees especially those in the beer industry, an unparalleled opportunity to hob-knob with other beer lovers, brewers and pub owners – and this year did not disappoint. Growing faster than the industry itself is the number of side events occurring at the festival. Wholesalers, industry groups, individual [...] Read More »

Remembering David Lett

Article by: Harvey Finkel -  DAVID LETT 1939-2OO8David Lett died of heart disease on October 9.  He was 69 years old.Called by some “Papa Pinot” a sobriquet he must have thought silly he introduced pinot noir to Oregon’s Willamette Valley pinot gris (grigio) to America and grew notable pinot blanc.Not content with the black gray and white pinots, David, always [...] Read More »

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