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Article by: Harvey Finkel - The Loire flows in beauty for 6OO miles. It heads north from its source deep in the interior of France just to the west of Burgundy, then turns west toward the sea just beyond the first pair of its notable wine-growing areas, Pouilly-sur-Loire and Sancerre. Its mouth is in Brittany, down river from Nantes. The great Loire vineyards of Touraine and Anjou lie along the middle of its course through fruited parklands and past fairytale [...] Read More »

Irish Beer

Article by: Lew Bryson - I was leaving on a trip to Europe not long ago and stopped in the Jet Rock bar at Philadelphia International to while away the time I’d wasted by being at security the advised two hours before my departure. I dropped anchor perused the taps, and made my decision. I had a Guinness. Got to Frankfurt, hopped on a train to Düsseldorf, took the U-bahn to the Altstadt and drank altbier for two days. [...] Read More »

Endangered Cocktail

endangeredcocktailOF  THE  MONTHTo help “breed raise, and release nearly extinct drinks into the wild” the ladies of LUPEC Boston have created the Endangered Cocktail of the Month series.  Each month they select a classic cocktail to revive, share a little background on (both here and on their blog), and supply the recipe for what they consider to be an outstanding version. Treat your patrons to this delicious cocktail or make one [...] Read More »

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