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Merry Edwards, The Queen of Pinot Noir

Article by: Harvey Finkel - Her Majesty, the Queen of Pinot Noir, otherwise known as Merry Edwards, was born right here in Newton. I learned the story of how Merry got from eastern Massachusetts to be royalty in California’s Russian River Valley during a recent visit.Meredith Edwards, daughter of an MIT-educated engineer, was taken west at age five, apparently willingly, first to Michigan, later to California. Although her family didn’t drink, food was important, and Merry took up [...] Read More »

Irish Beer Today

Article by: Andy Crouch - Among everyday beer drinkers, the Republic of Ireland stands as one of the world’s great brewing nations. The land where velvety pints of Dublin Gold pour forth from countless taps in myriad quaint pubs, from Dublin to Kinsale to Sligo. The nation is also home to the slightly less well known Irish Red Ale, of which dozens of knock-offs have filled American tap handles and package store shelves since the beginning of the craft beer [...] Read More »


Article by: Pink Lady - COCKTALE As far as Irish whiskey cocktails are concerned, few spring to mind so easily as the Irish Coffee. It’s a delicious and warming treat when prepared correctly, but one that can go horribly awry in the wrong hands.For whatever reason, modern bartenders are often woefully uneducated about how to make an Irish Coffee. Here is a list of ingredients we have seen employed that a good Irish Coffee does not contain: [...] Read More »

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