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This Seasons Harvest of Wine Books

Article by: Bill Nesto, MW - BILL NESTO'S ANNUAL REVIEW of WINE BOOKS Malbec has taken the shine off Merlot. New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc dazzles while Pouilly-Fume has slid off the table. Wine is subject to trends and so is wine literature [...] Read More »

South American Wines Just Keep Getting Better

Article by: Sandy Block, MW - Resistance to the more premium, limited production wines of each country has begun to crack as the market moves upscale. The only problem is that both Chile and Argentina have established their reputations primarily as deep [...] Read More »

Who Likes Hot Beer?

Article by: Lew Bryson - The jury's still out on which category malternatives fit into. Just when you think they're yesterday's news a new flavor comes out, or a new package, or a new positioning, and suddenly malternatives are hot again. [...] Read More »

Wine Pairing Primer

Article by: David Singer - ONE of the most common questions I get in my wine beginnings class pertains to food and wine pairings. To begin to understand how food and wine react differently (depending on what kinds are used), one [...] Read More »

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