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Porters and Stouts

Article by: Lew Bryson - Then I grew up and had a beer, and ran into porters and stouts. The relationships of these beers makes for one very, very messy Venn diagram, with more circles than a UFO nut's cornfield, a [...] Read More »

Oregon Pinot Gris

Article by: Sandy Block, MW - It's not exactly news that Pinot Grigio is and has been the ascending star in the white wine business. What's interesting is how little of its mass appeal has spilled over into that other rendition of [...] Read More »

Good Luck Jim Tye

Article by: Fred Bouchard - The role as ambassador for United Liquors is certainly not a new one for Jim Tye. With his 'retirement', that role is just a little more expanded, as he will be casting a wider if more [...] Read More »

Mendoza's Melbecs

Article by: Fred Bouchard - Wines of Argentina's press junket to Mendoza and Patagonia leaves a lingering memory and taste: that of the food-friendly and flavorful Malbec. At nearly every winery the tasting presentation is methodical, thoughtful, well-paced, [...] Read More »

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