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Melanie Asher's Peruvian spirit

Article by: LIZA WEISSTUCH - Macchu Pisco, the brand she created, was released in Europe in January 2OO5 and its United States availability is growing steadily. It hit the shelves in Massachusetts in June 2OO6. "It's been a long ride and adventure. [...] Read More »

There's Something Good To Say About Merlot!

Article by: SANDY BLOCK, MW - There are, of course, other reasons Merlot is out of favor with the cognoscenti. There is an awful lot of mediocre, thin, flavorless wine in bottles today with Merlot on the label. The grape's trajectory through the market has been nothing [...] Read More »

Wine needs Alcohol.

Article by: Harvey Finkel, MD - There's been a lot of talk lately about avoiding alcohol - the bete noire of many - while still preserving the health benefits of wine, a sort of having your antioxidant and not drinking it too. Grape [...] Read More »

US beers go south of the border.

Article by: LEW BRYSON - The folks at Miller Brewing have evidently been thinking about that cultural trend, the booming success of both Corona and tequila, and a previously little-known Mexican beer 'cocktail' called the chelada: a salt-rimmed glass of light lager with ice and a [...] Read More »

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