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The Grape Variety Tannat

Article by: Bill Nesto, MW - It is an infuriating grape to work with because it makes wines that have enough tannin to make your mouth feel like a desert. The name of the grape variety probably is derived the root of the [...] Read More »

Finding Greatness

Article by: Sandy Block, MW - Whether we're discussing wine, food, literature, art, athletics, or life itself, there are virtually no clear, uncontroversial standards. Much like love, you can't prove its existence, but most of us would say you know it when you [...] Read More »

Winter Beers ae Back Again

Article by: Lew Bryson - It's the first of November, and that means two things. One, you sold your last bottle of Oktoberfest yesterday; hope you didn't overstock, and two, it's now winter beer season, and all the breweries are [...] Read More »

Questioning Mark Stutrud

Article by: Andy Crouch - QUESTIONING MARK STUTRUDTo hear Mark Stutrud tell it, the Summit Brewing Company is just a little Minnesota brewery carrying on the great [...] Read More »

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