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Blueberry Beer

Article by: Lew Bryson - I was at a summertime beer festival, about ten years ago, and I dropped by the back of the booth of a brewer I knew and asked him how things were going. His straight-faced answer: “Well, the lesbians are really liking the blueberry ale.” I must have given him a look, because his eyes widened in innocence, and he swept his arm towards the front of the booth. Three women, one of whom was [...] Read More »

Food and Beer

Article by: Andy Crouch - For Charlie Papazian, founder of the Brewers Association, inspiration struck twice in remarkably similar ways.In the late 197Os, Papazian traveled to London to attend the British Beer Festival. While sampling stouts, porters and cask conditioned ales from around the United Kingdom, Papazian, an avid home brewer, started thinking about beer in the United States. When Papazian wondered aloud about whether Americans could host a similar festival, famed beer writer Michael Jackson famously quipped, “Yes, but [...] Read More »

RE: David Singer

Article by: David Singer - I will soon be putting my money – or my earning ofit – where my mouth is.Starting the end of July, I am going back to my roots and picking up my Tastevin with corkscrew in hand again.  An opportunity just too good to pass up has presented itself, and so it is time to get back into the profession that fueled my passion for wine in the first place.Being the lead or a part [...] Read More »


Article by: David Singer - When a Titan Becomes a Legend.   Mondavi.  The name is to the Napa Valley as Tiffany is to diamonds, Ferrari to cars.  A brand name that for decades was one of the benchmarks for what world class wine was about.   My experience with his wines really began with my first job in New York where they had a vertical of Opus One.  The Wine Director gave me a sample of Opus blind and asked me [...] Read More »

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