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It's Chile's Time

Article by: Sandy Block, MW - IT’S REMARKABLE that despite a year of economic misery and with little optimism for a speedy recovery, the market for wine in the United States actually grew again in 2OO8.  Per capita consumption surpassed three gallons for the first time ever and despite a palpable absence of demand in virtually every other consumer goods category, all signs indicate that the upward trend will continue through 2OO9.  Why?  Wine has arrived, and despite the overall economic [...] Read More »

Clos des Lambrays

Article by: Harvey Finkel - I recently attended a dinner of the Confrérie des Chevaliers du Tastevin’s Massachusetts chapter and was happily introduced to a wine, of course a Burgundy, of which I had heretofore been only vaguely aware. Clos des Lambrays 1999 and 2OO1, Domaine des Lambrays, accompanied the cheese course. They repaid in full, and then some, having been accorded that place d’honneur: they were fragrant, elegant, complex, and very long in finish, to me the vinous stars [...] Read More »

Hey Beer Retailers.

Article by: Lew Bryson - What’s hot in beer? A better question this year is what’s the hot buzz overall and that’s easy: everyone is talking about the economy and how it’s affecting their business. There’s plenty of conventional wisdom floating around.They say that when someone you know loses their job, it’s a recession, but when you lose your job, that’s a depression.They say that booze sales aren’t really recession-proof, they’re more like recession-resistant. [...] Read More »

Endangered Cocktails: Champagne Cocktail

To help “breed raise, and release nearly extinct drinks into the wild”, the ladies of LUPEC Boston have created the Endangered Cocktail of  the Month series.  Each month they select a classic cocktail to revive, share a little background on (both here and on their blog) and supply the recipe for what they consider to be an outstanding version.  This month’s Endangered Cocktail is the Champagne Cocktail.  Treat your patrons to this [...] Read More »

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