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Article by: Harvey Finkel - European regulators are shooting themselves in the foot, yet again. To begin with, France’s INAO (Institut National des Appellations d’Origine) is reportedly set to ban mention of grape variety from Alsace labels. When I mentioned this to a seasoned and wise international wine merchant, an éminence grise, he exclaimed, “Insane!”, an opinion probably unfair to the mentally afflicted. He and I agreed that this is another case of theory overruling practicality. Dare I utter the [...] Read More »

Sicilian Stars

Article by: Harvey Finkel - ‘Twas not so long ago that the wines of Sicily, always a generous producer, were almost entirely sold anonymously in bulk, the reds tired, the whites oxidized. No longer. Although much is still passed along to who-knows-where in bulk, even that has become largely acceptable, and the bottled wines of Sicily constitute a distinguished lot, none more so than the dazzling array found at Planeta.Of Sicily’s 121,OOO hectares of vines, almost two-thirds are white. Nero [...] Read More »

Seasonal Beers

Article by: Andy Crouch - With all of the sustained and even explosive growth craft beer has enjoyed over the last decade, perhaps no area has been more active than seasonal beer.  Brewers have long understood the importance of appealing to the changing consumer drinking patterns that accompany shifting weather patterns, which fuels the active seasonal beer market.  From the Boston Beer Company’s diverse seasonal portfolio all the way down to the local brewpub, craft brewers rely upon an ever-changing [...] Read More »

Endangered Cocktail: The Whisky Skin

Article by: Pink Lady - COCKTALE If many single malt drinkers won’t add even a cube of ice to their Scotch, the thought of mixing that water of life into a cocktail is sure to make them shudder.  Be that as it may, before blended Scotches erupted onto the scene in the 189Os (along with golf and an interest in all things Scottish), all Scotch imported to the American provinces was the strong, smoky single malt variety.  Back then Scotch [...] Read More »

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