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Profile: Max Toste

Article by: Fred Bouchard - MAX TOSTE • 32 • Co-owner & Bar Manager • Deep Ellum, Allston, MAThis destination bar has come a long way since opening after New Year’s 2OO7.  These keen guys and gals, apprentice masters of good taste, could be top deejays.  I spoke with candid, dedicated co-owner Max Toste (pronounce it ‘toasty’) on their almost-finished back deck in deep Allston.  Bartender Casey Keenan turned me on to good brews, Green Flash [...] Read More »

Value from the vine.

Article by: Sandy Block, MW - It’s no surprise perhaps that with all of the economic upheavals we’ve experienced, the first half of 2OO8 has seen some dramatic shifts in long term wine consumption trends. Whether or not we are in a recession or heading into one, it’s indisputable that the dollar is at one of its weakest points historically against most major world currencies, and that the cost of energy has risen dramatically with no end in sight. Inflation is [...] Read More »

A Rodney Strong Showing.

Article by: Harvey Finkel - Rick Sayre, the eloquent director of winemaking at Rodney Strong Vineyards of Sonoma, presided recently at one of the dinners of the Boston Harbor Hotel’s Boston Wine Festival, giving me a chance to catch up on the wines and on the estimable Daniel Bruce’s kitchen handiwork.Rodney Strong, the eponymous founder, famously a dancer, established Tiburon Vintners in 1959. He began by blending to his taste the bulk wines of neighbors. Tiburon evolved, with a move [...] Read More »

Bill Nesto's 2OO8 Annual Book & DVD Harvest.

Article by: Bill Nesto, MW - Dear Readers,On the following pages is my harvest of the past year’s six best books/DVDs on wine. There are plenty of new books out there, but the problem for me as a wine educator is that many put their emphasis on telling, not on informing nor on teaching.An example of a book that I prefer not to review is one in which the author lists his or her favorite wines or producers of wine. This [...] Read More »

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