Massachusetts Beverage Business



After a long, grueling winter, summer is finally on the horizon. And what better way to celebrate than with the ultimate summer spirit: gin! Craft distiller Berkshire Mountain Distillers (BMD) has created a new version of its ethereal gin exclusively for Legal Sea Foods locations across Massachusetts. Berkshire LSF Ethereal Gin will debut on Legal Sea Foods’ new spring/summer cocktail menu and will be featured in a selection of libations. BMD’s distiller Chris Weld describes the gin as deceptively smooth with underlying complexities, a result of the special botanical mix. “It starts out sweet with citrus overtones basking the palate with fullness. Midway through, the taste shifts to rose and fruit, ending with a faint tingling of black pepper. It’s the perfect complement to seafood,” he says. The cocktail list includes: Raspberry Fix (Berkshire LSF Ethereal Gin, Stoli Razberi, Combier Framboise, sugar, lemon and crushed ice; Strawberry Sangria (Skyy Wild Strawberry, Berkshire LSF Ethereal Gin, Massenez Crème de Fraise, Moscato, lemon and sugar) and French Lemonade (St. Germain, Chambord, Berkshire LSF Ethereal Gin and lemonade). This is the first time Weld has created a custom blend of gin outside of his line of award-winning spirits.

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