Massachusetts Beverage Business



YOU CANNOT make this stuff up. A new product lets girls sneak alcohol into venues and events with the clever use of flasks hidden in tampon wrappers. Sold by Urban Outfitters, Tampon Booze Tubes are tiny plastic test tubes that come in yellow and green wrappers, making them look exactly like name brand tampons. According to the website, the tubes, which cost $14 for a pack of five, are ideal for smuggling “because, honestly? Nobody’s gonna question tampons”. According to the reviews, these effectively serve their purpose – although at 7.25 inches, they’re slightly longer than the “real deal”, a detail that likely wouldn’t be noticed by most bouncers and security guards. One shopper said: “Bought these for a concert. Had them in my backpack and when my bag was searched the guy didn’t even look twice.” These Tubes are merely the latest in products that make alcohol smuggling easier. A similar idea is the Wine Rack Flask Bra, which can contain an entire bottle of wine while boosting the wearer’s breasts by a size or two. The bra comes with a drinking tube connected to the cups, letting you sip on your chosen drink discretely. And the more male-friendly BeerBelly, which costs $49.95, stores alcohol in a pouch hidden under your t-shirt. When it comes to smuggling liquor into events there seems to be no limit to entrepreneurs’ creativity.

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