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OBITUARY - Charlie Trotter 54

FAMED CHICAGO restaurateur Charlie Trotter passed away in early November.  In 1987, Trotter opened his eponymous restaurant, dedicated to American fine dining with European-quality service and wine.  He helped introduce the chef tasting menu to the US.  The author of 14 cookbooks and a noted philanthropist, Mr. Trotter started out by throwing small catering parties while a student at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.  He expanded his palate and love of fine dining by traveling around the United States and Europe after he graduated.  Upon his return, he opened his restaurant in a converted townhouse with his father as a partner.  Mr. Trotter was the recipient of numerous accolades over the years, including being named the James Beard Outstanding Chef in 1999 and Humanitarian of the Year in 2O12.  He was a fixture on restaurant magazine’s list of the top 5O restaurants in the world, won two Michelin stars when the French guidebook came to Chicago, and was named the best restaurant in America and best in the world by wine spectator in 1998 and 2OOO.

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