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Massachusetts Beverage Business



As the raids in Shanghai will testify, wine fraud is big business. Experts estimate that as much as 5% of all wine sold in secondary markets is counterfeit.  Knockoff labels not withstanding, usually the only way to find out if a wine is a fake is to open it.  A new liquid water isotope analyzer by California-based Los Gatos Research (LGR) has the capability of measuring multiple isotopic ratios in wine to identify fake or diluted wines.  Known as the Wine Isotope Analyzer, the analyzer can detect direct isotopic measurements in wines without pretreatment or distillation.  The Liquid Water Isotope Analyzer is incorporated with an internal computer with Post Analysis Software installed.  The software automatically applies calibration standard measurements made during the sample run and graphically displays all results, whereas the computer stores data in the hard drives and sends real time data to data logger through digital (RS232) or Ethernet outputs.  Connected with the internet, the analyzer can be accessed remotely with all the controls like obtaining and sharing data and diagnosing the instrument operation. The wine analyzer is ultra-high precise and accurate, which allows it to be used for wine authentication, validation of location, harvest year and climatic studies.

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