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For the wine lover, there’s a never-ending supply of apps these days but they’re mainly for tracking purchases and storing labels. Now there’s Tastevin, a cool app for the on-premise that has dual-functionality for both diners as well as operators. Created by Labrador OmniMedia, Tastevin is a new addition to tablet-based beverage lists – and it brings some innovative new features to both consumers and that of restaurant staff. The app offers a variety of elements including the first real-time physical inventory management tool; integrated POS; social media integration with Facebook, Twitter, Yelp or the restaurant website; and previously inaccessible on-premise sales and related information that brings together suppliers, distributors and on-premise accounts. Tastevin also incorporates all three tiers of the alcohol distribution system into one application. Labrador OmniMedia works with wholesale partners to update data and inventory, directly with suppliers to update brand information, and sister company Rottweiler Hardware works with restaurants to provide training and support. Integration goes one step further on the floor of the restaurant, providing real time updates when SKUs sell out, the ability to easily reorder products from vendors, and the ability to enter physical inventory counts via the administration panel of the software from any iPad or tablet. Through its customization features, Tastevin allows each restaurant to create its own look for its beverage lists. Customers can access labels, images, video and other content supplied by the brands themselves as well as custom food pairing recommendations from staff for each dish on the menu. Social media integration allows diners to email beverage selections to remember for their next visit or share their finds on social media platforms or the restaurant’s own website. For more information go to

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