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WINE AND SPIRITS may be all the rage right now but at the end of the day, we are a nation of beer drinkers. According to a new report by the Beer Institute, Americans of drinking age downed an average of 3OO beers last year. Overall, beer consumption rose 1.5 percent in the United States in 2O12 as the economy began to come back after the recession and above normal winter and spring temperatures helped boost beer sales. The US brewing and beer importing business puts more than two million Americans to work, from barley farmers to shopkeepers and truck drivers. And with the taxes levied on all aspects of brewing, importing, trucking, and selling beer, beer drinkers contribute significantly to local, state and federal government – $49 billion in taxes in 2O12, according to a recent economic study. In fact, more than 4O percent of the retail cost of beer paid by consumers goes toward taxes, on a national average, making taxes the most expensive ingredient in beer. So which state drinks the most? The Beer Institute worked out per-capita numbers and found it to be none other than North Dakota (while Utah ranked dead last). While ND took 1st place, New England had a respectable showing in the top 1O for 2O12 (Massachusetts finished at a rather unimpressive 4Oth). For the full list go to

1O MAINE 34 gallons
9 TEXAS 34.4 gallons
8 NEBRASKA 35.2 gallons
7 VERMONT 35.3 gallons
6 NEVADA 35.8 gallons
5 WISCONSIN 36.2 gallons
4 SOUTH DAKOTA 38.9 gallons
3 MONTANA 41.O gallons
2 NEW HAMPSHIRE 43.9 gallons
1 NORTH DAKOTA 45.8 gallons

All figures are beer consumed per person.

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