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Dos Equis Most Interesting Masquerade Program

added: August 13, 2014

Dos Equis unmasked the details of its most interesting Masquerade program set to hit retail and on-premise accounts from September 15th through October 31st. This year’s program elements are designed to rally consumers to make the most of their Halloween celebrations by inviting them to enter the Dos Equis Masquerade sweepstakes for the chance to win a trip to the brand’s ultimate Masquerade extravaganza in New Orleans. “Halloween continues to grow in popularity and is [...] READ MORE »

Reformulated Heineken Light Introduces New Campaign & Packaging

added: July 22, 2014

To promote its newly reformulated Heineken Light, Heineken USA has launched the “Best Tasting Light” campaign featuring three-time Emmy award winner and Tony award winner and host, Neil Patrick Harris. The Heineken Light recipe still contains just 99 calories but now features the addition of cascade hops, commonly used in IPAs to create a fuller flavor, crisper aftertaste and a clean finish. Industry research revealed that 40% of 21-27 years olds prefer a fuller flavored [...] READ MORE »

Introducing Cafe De Paris Fruit-Flavored Premium Sparkling Wines From France

added: July 09, 2014

Just in time for summer entertaining, Pernod Ricard USA is launching a new line of sparkling wines, Cafe de Paris. “The imported sparkling wine category grew + 5.5% in 2013 driven by wines priced above $10, signaling a movement towards premiumization in the category. Even more interesting is that the French Sparkling wine category (excluding Champagne) is growing even faster at +28.2% in volume,” said Aygline Pechdo, Brand Director at Pernod Ricard USA, “Seeing this [...] READ MORE »




Article by: Chris Maggiolo - WITH THE legalization of homebrewing in 1978, the US craft brewing industry began its climb from as few as ninety breweries to its 2O13 record high of 2822.  The craft distilling industry remains about twenty years behind the brewing curve, yet a similar pattern of booming growth cannot be denied.  Where craft breweries abound, there too are the beginnings of a thriving and enthusiastic artisanal spirits community.  What makes GrandTen Distillery of South [...] Read More »


Article by: Pink Lady - WHAT COULD BE more refreshing on a sweltering August afternoon than an ice cold beer?  A Shandygaff!  Beer aficionados (like whisky aficionados and tequila aficionados) shudder at the mere mention of mixing “stuff” in with their perfect brew.  We LUPEC ladies do not.  If you’ve never tried it, now’s the time.  The Shandygaff is a drink of English origin that is a true delight on a hot summer day.It’s origins are hazy: some [...] Read More »


Article by: Sandy Block, MW - IT’S BECOME almost a reflex among segments of the wine community to dismiss domestic Chardonnay.  How could something this popular be any good?  A common prejudice I hear sommeliers express regards Chardonnays whose aromas or flavors reflect even a trace of oak contact as examples of the wine industry using cheap tricks to pander to the most obvious and superficial of consumer tastes. To all of this, I could not disagree more.  Yes, [...] Read More »


Article by: Harvey Finkel - No question that Champagne sets the standard, but sparkling wines of character and elegance – and price – are also made in other places, even places not French.  Today we’ll consider those of Cantine Ferrari in Trentino.Located in Italy’s far north, the vines grow on south-facing slopes at between 3OO and 7OO meters in the foothills of the Alps near the city of Trento.  The company was established in 19O2 by Giulio Ferrari, [...] Read More »

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